Friday, July 6, 2012

Small Is Beautiful

There is a book that I like its title because I agree with the fact in it.  Yes, small is beautiful.  Though the book (German, if my memory is correct -- I don't know it's original title, but only the translated one) is about economy, but I think it applies to almost everything.  The obvious is in miniatures.  People love them because they are so small and so lovely and precious.  The little things could expand our dreams far and long.  Small is beautiful.  And smaller seems more adorable, I think, especially flowers.  I don't know what is your favorite, but I believe that small flowers tend to be adore by many people.  May be I set myself as standard, sorry about that.  It's hard to think of things as we are someone else, right.

Let's see example in pictures below:


The small centerpieces seem perfect; well balanced and good contrast of colors.  

What if I add more little things into the seem-perfect ones?  Do you think that the white tiny buds that suppose to be baby breath make them more beautiful?  Are the look much different? 

I think you agree with me that they are much more lovely than plain-perfect roses. 

Please let me know if I'm wrong.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How I make miniature Water Lily and Lotus

Making Water Lily is my passion for a long long time.  I remember it very well that how mesmerized I was when I saw a miniature water lily in a miniature shop long time ago. I bought it, kept on watching it and adored its beauty and said to myself that I never ever able to create such a beautiful piece like this in my life.  

Years passed, I began to make miniature flowers, but not yet thinking of making water lily.  It's too difficult even thinking about it.  However, I eventually met an artisan who was very very keen in making beautiful flowers, and lucky enough that she was able to teach me how to make flowers including water lily. 

 I'm sure that you can guess that the first one I made was horrible.  But the second and third and so on and on became better and better.  Since it's my passion as I said, I made them almost a hundred!!!  It's true.  I did that much!!!  And now I can tell myself different from the one I told myself long time ago.

I hope you agree with me that I can make miniature Water Lily (and Lotus), and do it beautifully.

The Water Lilies I made have realistic stamen, that I hand-cut each single piece of clay into a tiny short line one by one for their filament.  Then I glued them together in circle to form a center of the flower, and painted their tips (tip of stamen has the same color as of petal) a little bit.

The petals are also hand-cut one by one. 

Ok, I should say no more and make you bore with details. 

Just hope you enjoy!!!